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Our gates are built to last, and covered by a 5 year warranty.

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Sliding gates are perfect for windy areas or where space is limited.

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Swing gates provide a traditional look and are budget friendly.

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Want a custom made gate solution? We can help!

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Why a gate is a great investment


A gate is your first line of defense, and a very effective deterrent. Potential offenders will simply choose an easier target over your gated property.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your young children and pets are safe from busy roads and free to roam your entire property without worry.

More Space

With the gate closed, you’ll have private & secure use of your section right up to the fence line, so family are free to roam your entire property.


Your house is your castle, right?! We can’t dig you a moat, but a gate is the next best option.

Increased Value

For all the reasons here, a gate will enhance the street appeal and value of your property.

Installation Guides

Find everything you need to DIY your gate here.

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