How to choose a gate

Which gate suits my needs?

Below are the steps to choose the perfect gate for your property.

6 easy steps

To your perfect gate solution


Complete our basic enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements. Or if you prefer a face-to-face chat visit us in our showroom to discuss options and view our range.


We’ll go over your gate needs, explain your options, and gather the information we require before building your customised quote.


Review your quote and request any changes or query anything with us.


Confirm your order and make payment straight from your quote, or in store.


Collect your order, or await for us to ship it to your property (Depending on your location and choice of delivery/collection).


Install your gate with the help of our guides and friendly after-sales support. Then enjoy a secure, gated property with enhanced street appeal and peace of mind, including a 5 year warranty on your new gate.

Sliding or swing gate? Which is better?

Consider the below to determine if a sliding or swing gate is best for you.

Sliding gate benefits

Use less space

Homeowners often opt for sliding gates for space efficiency. Sliding gates require minimal space when opening and closing, providing more room for gardens or yards. This makes them ideal for properties with uneven terrain, such as hilly areas.

More secure

Both sliding and swing gates will offer enhanced security for your property, however sliding gates are the more secure of the two as they are held in place by a track.

Better option in windy locations

If your property is subject to strong winds, a sliding gate is the preferred option as swing gates can suffer damage from strong winds.

Swing gate benefits


Swing gates are quieter when opening and closing as they hang freely on hinges. Keeping hinges clean and well maintained ensures a noise-free movement.

Cost effective

Great as a budget friendly option. Only the posts need to be secured into the ground, unlike a length of track for sliding gates.


Swing gates offer a classic and traditional look at the entrance to your property.

*Opt for double swing gates over single swing, if possible - this saves space.

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Why a gate is a great investment


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